How would you, the players, like to have concerns addressed to the board?

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Board email account
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Drop box at each game location during game
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Poll for player concerns to be addressed by the board

Post by Ben » Fri Jan 27, 2023 9:59 am

Greetings everyone,

This last game the Board discussed some changes to our board members, plans for reaching out to help games get a start, and ways for players to address OC concerns with the board. Examples of such issues/concerns are:
-issues with game locations
-issues with other players
-OC issues with ST staff
-Violation of the After Twilight Code of Conduct

The board will not interfere with the IC running of a game. Should a player have issues with the storyline, plots, or any other IC aspect of a game then please speak with that games ST staff.

Ombudsperson - an individual on the board that players can reach out to directly with concerns. The Ombudsperson will present issues and possible solutions to the board, as well as act as mediator between parties involved with issue if necessary. If you have an individual in mind for this position please reach out and let us know.

Email account- an email account that is used to specifically voice issues/concerns by the players to the board.

Dropbox - A box provided each game for players to drop issues/concerns in that can only be opened by a board member.
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